第37期 第19天: 任务代码-寻找欧若拉

save money

欧若拉是北欧神话中掌管北极光的女神 。古罗马神话里的曙光女神,掌管北极光,代表旭日东升前的黎明。北极光是大自然赐给人类的美好礼物,欧若拉则是令人充满希望与期盼的女神。 一直祈祷可以收到大自然的礼物!

I am a slow walker, but I never walk backwards. 

by Abraham Lincoln.









9岁那年,父亲病逝,小罗伊斯的童年更加艰难。最终,在姑妈资助下,14岁的罗伊斯进入大北方铁路公司(Great Northern Railway)当了学徒。











一、DAY 18 题目解析:

PART 1: 

Save money

1. Did you save money when you were young?


Yes, of course. As a kid, I’d like to collect lots of pocket money in order to buy my favorite toys, game players. Most of the time, I couldn’t wait for the day to come when the money is enough to buy those things. I spent it buying snacks instead.


2. Should parents give pocket money to their kids?

可以回答yes\no再加上原因进行扩展,也可以用it depends分情况讨论。比如适当给零花钱是应该的,给太多或者完全不给是不行的。                                       

It depends. Some children don’t have the ability of self-control. They would probably use the money to buy computer games which contain a large amount of violence, or evenbuy cigarettes or drugs. If proper instructions were given, giving pocket moneyis a good thing.


3. Do you think parents should teach children to save money?


Absolutely, even though there exists some potential hazard of giving pocket money, it is important for kids to have the sense of self management and the ability of doing preparation for the future.



Describe a sport you watched and would like to try

You should say:

What sport it is

How you got to know it

Whether it is difficult to do

And explain why you would like to try it

这道题虽然有个“a sport you watched”前缀,但实质就是“你想做的运动”,无非在开头简单说一下什么时候在哪里看到过这个运动。对于喜欢运动的同学们,如果没有想做但还没做过的运动,其实挑一个你做过的说成没做过就行。不喜欢运动的同学只能挑一个你比较感兴趣,或者还比较好说的展开就行。(滑冰、冰球、冰壶、赛马、跳伞、潜水等等)

Last year, I went to a famous hotel to attend one of my friend’s wedding ceremony. I arrived there hours in advance so my friends invited me to do some leisure activities. What I had not expected was that he wanted me to take a shot in playing golf. That’s a sport I had just watched on television. Golf is a popular sport all over the world and I never played it. That was the first time for me to grab the club and hit the ball.


After that, I was interested in playing the sport. Golf has a reputation across the globe as the sport of rich people and also requires patience. Actually, golf requires a lot of patience and perseverance and the sense of perfect timing is also an important issue to play golf. Besides, it’s not as expensive as before.


For playing golf,one does not need a lot of preparations. But some specific things should be there before starting the sport. Firstly you should have your own club, and accordingly, I have bought three nice clubs to use during the tournament and for my regular practice, I have got two clubs of standard size and quality. I have also bought two dozens of balls for practice and six pieces for the tournament. I would like to play it as I do not have any previous experience. Moreover, the golf courses are decorated beautifully with greeneries,attractive spots and delicious foods. Besides, the air in the golf field isfresh due to the natural environment. Thereby, I want to take golf as one of my outdoor activities.


Describe a useful skill you learnt in a math class in school

You should say

What the skill was

When you had the class

Who taught you the skill

And explain why you think it was useful



Back in the days of high school, I was just about 15 years old in Grade 10. I had been always one of the best students from elementary school to middle school. So I was pretty much confident that I wouldn’t have to make efforts to study mathematics. Even more, I thought sometimes I could ditch some of the math lessons to play  sports. Out of my expectation, the math course was totally different from those in previous nine years of schooling. It requires too much time of preparation,or you couldn’t understand those strange concepts at all.


One day, I was confused with an equation on the textbooks and I also couldn’t understand what my teacher’s explanation. It was really puzzling to most of us students at that time. All of a sudden, one of my classmates stood up, saying that it would beeasier to use Calculus to do the equation. Then he was invited to introduce the rules and principles of Calculus to us on the blackboard, showing how a high school math class could be related to a college math course. Almost all of us thought his instruction was far better than our teacher’s. It was amazing oreven unbelievable that he studied Advanced Mathematics by himself. From then on, such kind of equation would not be a problem to me. I thoroughly understood it and got relatively high marks in college entrance examination. I was so grateful that I met such a talent in high school. 


PART 1: 

Foreign food

1. Have you ever tried foreign food? 

2. Do you like to try new food? 

3. What kinds of new food have you tried recently?



Describe a talkative person you know 

You should say

Who he or she is

How you got to know him or her

What he or she likes to talk about

And explain why this person talks a lot

Describe an interesting job you would like to do in the future

You should say

What job it would be

What qualities are required for this job

Whether it would bean easy job to do

And explain why you would like to do this job



1. Are you talkative?

2. What jobs need employees to be talkative?

3. Should children be encouraged to talk more?



1. Is it hard to find an interesting job in China?

2. What kinds of preparation should people do for a job interview?

3. Why do some people keep changing their jobs?

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